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Celebrating My Family Tree and Me software (My Family Tree) from Celebrating Family HIstory is perfect for organizing your genealogy and family history projects. My Family Tree software is "Tree Share" certified by FamilySearch. With My Family Tree software you can immediately begin sharing your genealogical data with FamilySearch Family Tree and bring Family Tree data into your own My Family Tree file on your PC.   

FamilySearch™ provides several free online genealogical products and services. My Family Tree provides two links to search their website:

  • FamilySearch Records Index
  • FamilySearch Family Tree

Below you can read the ‘Descriptions’ for FamilySearch™ products and services that My Family Tree accesses for you, followed by a ‘How To’ section explaining how to use the collections with the software.

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FamilySearch Records Index (more than one billion records)

For more than a century, FamilySearch has been actively gathering, preserving, and sharing genealogical records worldwide. For the last several years, volunteers have been busy digitizing those records, and FamilySearch has made these indexed records available for free via the Internet. Microfilmed records continue to be indexed every day. With new technology and digital cameras additional records are being captured and digitized in the field and added to this collection. Access to online digital records increase on a daily basis, so check back frequently for new records. My Family Tree will help you search for records of your ancestors by letting you highlight a name on you’re My Family Tree screen, then click on a search option to begin the search for records relating to the highlighted person. These indexed records are freely available to anyone with Internet access. My Family Tree provides links to this service to all My Family Tree users.  

FamilySearch Family Tree (containing over 500,000,000 names)

Names collected by FamilySearch for many years are available through FamilySearch Family Tree. FamilySearch Family Tree contains records from databases familiar to many genealogists, such as the Ancestral File, the International Genealogical Index (IGI), Pedigree Resource Files (PRF), LDS Church Membership records, and other record types. Celebrating My Family Tree and Me allows you to search through the records of this database. If you find a match, you can link your record to the FamilySearch record and review your information side-by-side with the information in the FamilySearch record. If you choose, you can exchange data with a linked record. If you find that FamilySearch Family Tree has additional family lines that your personal database is missing, you can directly import those lines into your My Family Tree file. If you discover that you have records that are not in FamilySearch Family Tree, and you wish to share your records with the world, My Family Tree will help you easily upload your data to FamilySearch Family Tree. If you are a member of the LDS Church, My Family Tree will also help you review, reserve and track LDS temple ordinances for your family members. Access to FamilySearch Family Tree is free, but you must obtain a FamilySearch Account or LDS FamilySearch Account.


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How To: 

FamilySearch Records Index (more than one billion records)

Anyone can freely search this set of records. You can create and use a FamilySearch Account, but you will be able to search these records even if you choose not to. 

To access these records through My Family Tree, simply highlight the name of an ancestor that you want to research and take one of the following steps: 

  • If you have set one of the “FamilySearch” options as your default Internet search (See below), simply click on the Internet Search Icon on the toolbar to perform your default search.
  • Click on the Internet Menu, then select “Search FamilySearch” and finally click on “Search”.
  • Click on the Internet Menu, select “Search Favorite Sites” and then select one of the FamilySearch options. Search Favorite Sites allows you to select a different person, or a different Internet search site before performing the search.

FamilySearch ‘Family Tree’ Database (over 500,000,000 names)

To use My Family Tree's links to this product, you will need to have a “FamilySearch Account” or an “LDS FamilySearch Account.” You will also need to activate the FamilySearch links in the Preferences screen of My Family Tree. 

Obtaining a FamilySearch Account:

Go to Select the “Sign In” option and then choose Create a New Account. Proceed from there to create either a FamilySearch Account or an LDS FamilySearch Account. 

Activating the Links to FamilySearch Family Tree in Celebrating My Family Tree and Me:

In My Family Tree, go to the Tools menu and then click on Preferences. From the General tab, make sure the “Connect with FamilySearch” box is checked. If you do not want My Family Tree to display the FamilySearch links and menu, remove the mark from this checkbox. 

Using the Links to FamilySearch Family Tree:

You may see a small tree following the name of a person in your database when viewing data through the Pedigree or Family Tabs. This small tree is a FamilySearch button, click on it to search or review data about that individual. Alternately, you can use the various options available using My Family Tree’s FamilySearch menu. 

Setting Your Default Internet Search

My Family Tree provides several Internet searches to help you with your research. You can customize this by adding your own searches to the list. Any Internet search, whether it is one that My Family Tree provided, or one that you have added, can be set as your Default search. The Default search will be activated when you click on the Internet Search icon on the toolbar.  

To set the default Internet search, click on the Internet menu and then select “Favorite Sites.” Highlight the search that you prefer and click on the “Make Default” button. You can change your default settings as often as you want. 

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